Monday, October 21, 2013

This week is going to be hell.

I have four meetings, prep for job performance review, a test to give and grade, homework to grade, and 12 presentations to grade.

All I want to do is write.

I finally made it through re-editing the sixth book of my vampire slayer series and sent it to my former office mate. She is nuts about them, and the fact that she is makes me think other people would be, too. This is why I keep going back to them.

I've been going through the seventh book. I finally, FINALLY got through a chapter that had me stuck. It is hard - knowing where you want to go but being stuck. Camellia is stuck in Memphis, and until I figure out how to get her out of there, the story is going to irk me. Ah well, I'll get through it.

Next, I will re-edit my epic fantasy, and then, back to Cameron and the best damned thing I've ever written.  But well, not this week.

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