Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Something old made anew, a little horror, a little lewd.

So, I've been posting a book I wrote on my Tumblr. This is the vampire slayer story. I recently sent the full manuscript to Damnation Books, the sister company of Eternal Press (who published FAIREST).

About five years ago, I spent two years trying to sell this book. I figured it was time for another try in a different vein. I know this story is too graphic for mainstream publishing, but I think it will work for DB. At least, that is what I hope. I'm not sure if I will use Beth for it, since it is most definitely not YA romance. Still, Beth has a wee amount of internet presence whereas any other name I might use has none. Well, except Summa, my Tumblr identity. But who calls themselves Summa, other than me? And, who knows Summa other than Tumblr?

If you'd like to read what I posted thus far (9 chapters of 25), you can find them here. Thanks for reading and for your support.