Saturday, May 3, 2014


I have this manuscript I've been working on for almost four years. I wrote about fifteen pages of it in one hour and then let it sit. Other projects came along or demanded attention. I had a kid. I finished my PhD, got a job, moved. Et cetera.

Now, I'm giving Camellia's story a break so I can be sure I like how book 7 ends and figure out what she should do next. While that cooks, I decided to go back to this little story. This story that Fluffy says is the best thing I've ever written. He's probably right.

Today, I finally FINALLY got past a huge block and managed to outline almost all of the rest of the novel. Holy crap does that feel great to know where I'm going even if I don't have all the little details yet. I may actually finish this thing, and it could end up being something really really special.

I am happy!

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